The Grandest Deception.

Grandest deception: That we don’t have power over the happenings in our lives.

I will tell you of my creations, only if you promise not to re-tell these tales to those who bind lights such as mine, tethering us to the fixed poles bound to stagnant stands.

I will speak of the speaking inside me, voices which usher nothing less than fabricated reality. But you will only understand all these if you choose to read between every line and allow your own voice to narrate my words, silently yet so clearly that not a single pronunciation escapes the mind’s grasp.

Now, from the smallest but among the loudest speakers rose a question that made my spine tingle from the impulse;

‘Master, if I may. I heard word around the castle, that your robe was taken from you and soiled whilst you drank your heart away and sang in melodies of folly. Is it true you gambled your kingdoms and all that dwells therein? If so, what shall be of we?”

With everything that had happened, it might all be true. The taking away and soiling of my robes happened in such a whim that had me by the knees. But I held a reply,

I might have drank my heart away. Someway I sang melodies of folly too loud everyone must have heard. Either way I let my robe leave my back and get soiled in filth. I must have also gambled all my lands and all therein. Yes I walked home naked and defamed.

It is true little one, it is all true. I got drank to the mirages of a yesterday brighter than this today. I sang to the harmonies of all dreams and loves gone and yonder. I raised toasts to the anticipations of tomorrow’s glory and greatly missed today’s step.

But this is not my answer little one, this is only but a confession. Have this to remind those back at the castle of castles,

”You all have heard of the great deception yet now you have the chance to witness as I override it. In everything, I calmly affirm I am Master to my conditions, and the grand deception is inferior to I. And as for my creations, art is my alchemical tool. To live on and on is the ultimate goal

~Koome Manyara~

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