Half asleep…

An epistle to the Duchess of my dreams.

To the girl of my uttermost dreams, salutations forth from I, thy dreamer. Lass in my dreams, for once step out into the morning rays.

Dulcet Lady, enchantress of mine wildest desires, please spare me from madness. Delighted I’d be to feel thy fondness and amiably I’d express each.

I’d speak louder, but my tongue gets tied in every attempt. I’d open my front door but the lock is full of rust and the knob won’t turn either.

But alas dear Lass, I have amassed just the perfect song. If the tunes are bright and the melodies in harmony, then maybe.

Maybe you’ll find your wake off the dream world and right into my path you’ll tumble after and not before the crack of dawn.

Then I’ll gladly watch and cherish you, as you work to the Calming of the Seas and anchoring of the ships.

Then thereafter I’ll swing to the breeze as You candidly carol to the sighing winds.

But all these only if You’d just step out of my dreams and be.

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