To dream is seeing the impossible with simplicity 😌⏳

When it comes to fantasies, changing, becoming, being and not being I am the observer.

Pass me the cup full of nothing but wine,
And of the self inflicted hurt I shall gracefully whine.

Whisper silently of all that could’ve been mine,
And in my mind rhymes and lines I’ll mine.

Pass me the cup full of brew and let me dream,
Show me the weakest lines and off I’ll blow my steam.

Tire of me and send me off, I’ll return in another realm.
Where all my emotions, thoughts and desires I’ll effectively mime.

Thereafter I will entrance you in my very own illuded dream.

Pass me the cup full of honey and I promise up I won’t dry,

With my eye open I’ll sing as I carefully watch and pry.

From the darkest yet lightest dungeon I’ll offer smiles so wry.

And in honor of the cup that kept me far from dry,

Inside I’ll hold the waters and from my eyes I won’t let tears flow in a cry.

In this phantasmagoria, as things change and constantly become, I remain as so;

The creator and The Master of my conditions; controller of my environment.

~Koome Manyara~

Find the night and balance it with the light⏳

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