Seeds of Sorrow.

It hurt more than pain itself, the moment my toes touched the surface of the burning sun

I had no choice but to fall to ruin, the imapct of the crash was nothing but a force to reckon

Inside this frame I wanted to burn, the fire to savor every bit of heart hardened stone

In truth, chaos taught than teacher himself,the lesson of grace over race and fist over shame.

I can only confess to what feels right

I confess, I was the one behind the stampede. Everyone ran to see why I called towards heaven

I confess, I was the one behind all other deeds. Nobody bothered to check all that could go amiss, none.

I confess, If I fell on the ground or in the sea, no one would seem to loose sleep nor check in.

I can only fight on a full belly and a heart ever merry.

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