Eviternity or Celerity.

I only wished to answer the questions that had brought me there

To speak of what shapes my frame was my only and purest desire

I could’ve accepted the gift of the universe and time in existence

I could’ve accepted the gift of eternity and a lifetime of trial and chance

But I could never sacrifice the swiftness of a sparrow

For how then would I glide through the air like an arrow?

I know it caused them vex to see me without an ounce of fret

I knew it because it led to scramble for voice and fight

But I still spoke of the forces that shape and curve

I spoke of the arrows from the god of all love

Yet still I wonder who enchants Cupid at the end

What solace is to be found when it still is dark and the tunnel is at an end?

Eviternity or Celerity.

You ask whether I’d choose swiftness over eternity?

You simply are asking if I’d move free of strife and worry

A question not even the mages in their wisdom find an eye to write a page

A question which rolls away the sails of the most revered pirate into old age

I hope you find your answer

I hope you find that shelter

Somedays the wind ravages all that you confine

Somedays the same wind reminds that you are all divine

Tell me this,

Do you believe the Ocean has Treasures?

Eviternity or Celerity

Swiftness or infinity.

~Koome Manyara.

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