Mr. Wayfarer

I wish to admit that I am afraid but still tired of training for a battle I can never find the courage to wage

I was hoping you’d help me. Please help me, can’t you see that the sun only burns where I stand, can’t you see the wind blows at that which I’ve gathered?

Or will you tell me that there is a much grand plan at play, will you tell me that the heat should turn stone to gold or will you tell me the truth?

Give it to me, give the truth to me for I am stronger than the other day. That day I was weak from the bleeding and thirsty for fluid, I was broken and in need of mend.

I am sorry if I feel mean to you, I am sorry if my tongue shifts away from your favor. But what would you say if it were you? What would you say about the moon exposing your deepest blue?

How would you run from that which lives within you? Tell me, where would you hide from that which sees by your eyes. I bet you would turn to madness and pick paper and pen.

But I need it, please brew it. I need that elixir I heard being spoken about. The one that could turn my mind back inside out and bring my senses back in vibration.

I need to see my own face and say all that I have inside. I need to fight myself if need be, just brew the elixir and give me the spell. Tell me how to get to the veil and I will lift it myself.

Grab onto my palm and let me guide you through my walls and into my guarded city, let me show you why I can never let you in

Look to the left, over there is the treasure I’d protect with everything in my possession. I can’t let you see the way I count my currency, what if you teach it to those with desire laced with ambition?

I wish to tell you where to turn next, I wish to tell you where lies my nest. But I am more than afraid, for it is where I rest.

What will happen when you decide to burn it down? What will I tell the city? Where will I rest and find heaven?

You still are telling me that there is a grand plan in play for me?

Listen to me, plan or not, grand or nay, I will fight or run come what may!

~Koome Manyara.

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