Twists and Burns

You say I am a nuisance because you have named me so, You say I am the brightest demon because you want me to be as so. But…

Do you know that my chest is on the wildest fire you’ve ever known? It burns with the fierceness of all hells brought together on earth. But I cannot stand away from the flames, I love the burning and the gnashing of teeth, screaming and wailing makes me feel more than alive, heat proves I breathe.

Do you know what my mind whispers about why I am where I am? But all in the hope that the melody may turn me inside out, free of all that I dream dreadly of, free of all of the chains that bound my silly little heart.

Do you know of the sight that graces my eyes on the mirror? I cannot believe how hard the fighting weighs me down, how darkness looks over my pretty little scarred face, the darkness spreads wider than the soaring eagle. Higher than all the mystics can account for,it is the dance of the mad

But what remains remains, the time and space is beyond my grace, it grants nothing but peace from the war, Harmony from the pain. But who I am I, to scream I am not feeling a thing.

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