Lies and Affection 😈

I know I shouldn’t be scared of what I don’t already know. And yes I know I am beautiful power.

Bones broken mend but minds broken shatter. I want that energy you lied out of me,I want control of my tower.

You are the devil I know. You are the angel I wish I knew.

What do you have for me? Lies and illusions? Bags and prices? Anything but trust and games,damned smiles.


You are the hell I’ve been to. The paradise I never got the chance to build,to drink the milk,to lick the honey.

You lying piece of beautiful everything! I hate it much that I can’t stop hoping that you never leave my haunted dreams. I wish I loose the memory to make melodies

But I am here,a shooting star somewhere in the bright middle of nowhere. I do you know, I remember the old dang it lies,the long curse ’em acts of affection.

Oh,before I forget.

The stars and the moon know now. You can’t hide and I can’t lie.

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