Growing Away!

To quench my greatest Desire,knowing that I can speak over what I want to speak about without the fear of growing away;washing away or sweeping away.

You know the wind is too much of strong and the sun doesn’t shine anymore.

The moon;the moon and the stars don’t look my way anymore.

I’m starting to believe. I am not sure anymore

Maybe I’m not supposed to be in this part of this play.

The weeks are no longer made of days

Just seconds;minutes,hours of sitting and dreaming of another day

Hey it doesn’t matter,okay? Trust me everything is just okay.

Now I sit under this great sky. I watch a bird glide and dance in joy galore

Now I sit atop this great land. Feeling every life I’ve lived. Every life on land and across every bay and shore.

Now I am nowhere. Probably somewhere in the middle of the heart of the sun;might be the moon’s or even the sea’s. Maybe even more.

You know what,growing away isn’t so bad!

Or is it?

Tell every other me that the growing on this side of town is so great;nobody talks about it.

~●Koome Manyara●~


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