Are you ready?

With every lining of honesty are you?


I saw them running my way

In hundreds. A mob of say what, vile?

Hell yes I was shaking. I peed my pants too!

You said you are ready to feel. Then do!

Softness has made me a bag of some lie

These beasts, men of some sort racing, panting.

Humph! Huff! Humph! Huff!

Stomp! Stomp!

They don’t know me! They see only my softness.

I agree. I shook, I peed my pants.

I did.

They came up to me;mouths stinking,stinging

Goodness! They were beautiful!

Suddenly they seem beautiful

This is my story,

I stopped a stampede across my lawn

With a broken arm, a crippled toe and

A twisted knee, a scarred memory then

Like a mad man I painted, sketched and etched.

Now. These things, these men

Forget about it. Forget about it

This mob of racing and raging hogs

This mob of; humph! Huff and puff

This mob of; stomp and stomp

Between every line I write I hide treasure

I stopped this crazy stampede

With bloody soul knuckles and,

With scuffed soul elbows and,

You just can’t beat me at being tough!

With your stinking mouths,

With your dumb beauty,

Your racing and raging comes to a stop!

Remember this,

It is my story, my glory!

I am master, soon I’ll be Fire!

Fire burns. Ashes are born from fire!

Although I peed my pants and shook,

They don’t know me.

~Koome Manyara~

One thought on “Hogs…

  1. Beautiful cryptic pieces of art.🔥🔥 How I wish you could in the future do a little guide…. For those not so gifted in deciphering hidden treasures in poetry


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