Cold, where?

People around me in jackets and heavy blankets

I can’t feel it. Not a single shiver to my skin nor my spine

Either I am cold or sleeping with the failures; born of my desires, has me fine.

Last night an angel bound me, seeking answers as to why I am raging

Maybe you don’t know this dear reader, but I am some forgotten King

Forgotten Kings rage, they War, they burn and overrun

Not for fun or thirst, I just want things clear. I want my world or nothing

I mumbled to this Angel, something that made him angry

Before you judge me for lies please hear this truth;my story.

“You and your silly wings. You have no Free Will. You taught the dogs to bite. It is all on you. By Them that see, I will fight you now! Release me servant, You have no free will! None whatsoever!”

The guy boiled over!

We fought. And I roughed him up quite satisfyingly. Who said men couldn’t cane them😆

But I got my share too. It wasn’t easy. That guy could fight. He could punch.

Funny guy. With his silly wings

No wonder I can’t feel the cold. No wonder I can’t feel the shiver

The bastard poisoned my skin and broke my spine

The bastard cursed the centre of my golden heart.

The coward ran away. At least I don’t know how the cold feels.

~Koome Manyara~

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