Forked Friend.

I was working,pruning some trees. Humming I was, challenging the singing birds to a tune war.

Junior boss was there watching, I didn’t mind him. I wasn’t even at work, my soul is somewhere I can’t quite paint.

Then I saw this snake, I know it saw me too. I smiled, it watched. I lay down my tools and watched too. A friendly war…

We are one. I whispered.

The snake hissed.

I mean no harm. I whispered.

The snake didn’t move. A young beautiful snake

“Kijana, what is it?”

Hear Junior boss now... Ni nyoka mzee…

“Kill it! Then go back to work.”

Okay. Pass me the blades then

Before the old guy could make it to where I was, that was all the time I needed

We are one, I mean no harm. Ask the trees,ask the little insects,ask the birds,ask me if you must. But the old man thinks he can say who dies,he thinks he is superior. Go now,go! And tell the One that it is I who made your acquaintance.

The snake then slithered past my boot, and I didn’t move. The old man saw it.

He threw me the blades saying,

“Kijana,kill it before it escapes.”

Hear what I said to him, Sir, I want it to escape so I won’t chase it.”

Then he said “What if it bit you? What if it bit me?”

I smiled and said to him,“Mzee, it was just passing by, harmless. Now let me go work.”

I went back to my station smiling, knowing I had made it a day already.

On a cold day, I made a Cold friend.

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