Hey. I don’t know what time it is wherever you are,

But right over here,on my bed, time has stopped.

Believe me I swear.

Nothing is moving,but something is humming. Vibrating.

No walls, no nothing.

I can hear music, I can see dancers somewhere over there.

I can see the sky through my ceiling, the stars are dazzling!

I recognize this place, I know every dancer.

But I don’t want to dance, not now anyway.

I’m healing the little parts I can,or masking.

Either way I am doing something,I won’t go flying.

I can see secrets on my floor, sure right they are filthy.

On my walls I can see beauty. I won’t get tired of squeezing through,I have to.

I survive on squeezing through.

What if I stop keeping my head up and the damned steal my crown?

What if I stop keeping my heart strong and the hogs eat up my share?

What if I stop keeping my mind set and I put all I have ablaze?

You must be mad.

You must be very mad!

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