Can you?

You want the truth reader? You want it so bad,huh? Crack me open then, crack my words! Can you? And on this day trust me, they are crackers of words. Put on your godamn helmets💥👑

On that day, I wanted everything to be as merry as a day could get.

We had made no usual deal like the other days before. And to this day I wonder why? No deal, why?

As usual, the sun had to set for the fun to begin. And it did, like hell I did sing and dance like a possessed eunuch.

Ha! You should’ve seen me,you really should have.

I stamped my feet like a deranged kangaroo, I thumped my chest like a mighty Kong.

God knows why it didn’t break,the bones of my chest I mean.

Whatever that cage protects got broken ages ago.

So, it was all fun till I jingled the chains to my own dungeon.

I forgot how nice the little men like dancing and ravaging, in the midst of dance and music I forgot why I make deals.

Yes, hell yes! I am afraid of the broken dog I try so hard to hide.

He never bites me, he just barks and I run myself into godamn walls. My crown is always my helmet!

And with no deal struck, guess who joined my party.

The dog from hell.

I can’t tell you what happened.

~Koome Manyara~

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