That one thing.

I’ve been thinking.

It has cost me all my sleep, now I have to live through the day as if I am nobody.

I really need audience, I need someone;something divine to listen.

I can’t help it,I can’t hold it in. I can’t love my family and only me alone.

I can’t love the little birds and the trees,my cat or nature all day.

I can’t love the sun and the moon and the stars and every lining of the cosmos all day.

Come on and curve something new for me I deserve it. I do, clear as day.

Keep on teasing me and I will find you someday, then somehow you will have to pay.

But I know why these gods like teasing my little heart, do you? I will tell.

Once men tried to break my mind, and I fought like a madman wishing for a heaven.

You doubt because you’ve never seen. God! I am a Warrior. Every vein, even skin layer.

Not a good warrior. Not a bad warrior. Anyway,

I think they are afraid after what I did to some of them,even in their power,they all got beaten by a simple man.

Is it so clear that for my little heart I can’t fight? No wonder everyone and everything is ready to challenge me.

For this I have lost battles in a coward’s style.

But how am I supposed to war and defend a treasure so delicate.

I am afraid to break it whilst fighting for it, I’d rather it lay defenceless.

I took away all my gold and silver and placed it in the centre of the mind’s temple

But I am not weak I know, or at least I pray.

To know that something inside me burns to be held.

To know that the burning sensation tickles my art.

To know that I never loose my mind or my soul.

Ah, I am free.

But not so free.

I want it.

Come on now, don’t make me fight.

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