Bit by Bit.

I can hardly see with open eyes.

A foggy road to somewhere.

Where a false promise of treasure lies.

It gets tiring, maybe better at the end,but now just a tiresome bother.

The truth is something that hunts one,I swear!

Now, just about now, I remember.

A little bit of poison, a little bit of wanting

The wanting that makes you a fool and a silly pumping tool.

The one that makes you swim further away from any shore.

Ah, the simple life of a drunk broken duke.

You don’t understand it, do you?

You don’t understand me but you want to,do you?

It is nothing out of the ordinary,inside there is no abnormality.


To have felt,yes I have.

To know the unkown,yes I have.

To be chased and hunted by your self,gladly,yes I have.

To dissolve in the lies of men and women has been my greatest show.

The art of burning in your own flames.

Tiring or not, angry or not,complicated or not,I am something everyone created.

To some, a chewing on kind of thing,

To others the father of all rampage,a mad forgotten King.

But hear this, tell them this.

I am more than nothing!

This time round, you must forget this King!

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