The Genesis.

I am out there, not alone but with my good unseen friend

I point to the shinning stars,

See those little far away shinning bastards,

They promised me something but I am still waiting.

Hey, do you think that maybe it is all in my head.

I mean you, them, the hogs, the men and the cheeky bastards?

Cool down Sir, cool it all down.

Look at the vastness of that sky, I want something from that vastness.


I want it.

I stand up and puff my chest out.

Or am I not man enough? Bastards! Am I?

I point to the stars once again,

Should I come up there and remind you what I have survived down here? What I need down here?

Sir… Sir… Come on now Sir, look this way…

I turn my neck towards this annoying thing I tamed.


Oh goodness me! Oh my!

I look up and the bastards are all laughing.

I smile and take a sit next to this thing.

Do you see her mate? Can you? She is perfect!

The kind of beauty that sets me on fire.

Heaven and hell must have torn apart right at this instant, let us wait and see.

Don’t whisper into the wind sir,beauty makes you ill.

Mate, I can’t wait.

Shut up and let me whisper,okay?

Who sent you?

She turned and faced the wind.

Oh my!

I look up and the sky is watching,the heavy moon is watching too.

Sir,whisper another one. And here, hold on to this,this one is special!


Who sent you over?

She looked straight at the wind now,and she followed the spell.

Sir, she’s coming our way. Do you want your weapons? Should we run like madmen?

Shut the hell up!

Sit down and don’t move,she might see you.

She still is following the wind,holding its hand letting things she doesn’t know lead her to me.

She sits.

Everything hides,my mind,my heart,my fists,even the annoying friend!

I am left with my soul,naked and exposed.

Crap! The weakness.

I look up at the winking moon and the tensed sky and whisper,

You bastards!

Hey, I am Koome, I think you’ve been sent this way.

She smiles,

She doesn’t know this but,she speaks without sound!

And I hear it all,

I look up,stars are smiling and the Vastness glowing.

Her hair is glowing, her eyes are twinkling and her touch,oh heavens!

In her eyes a fire that draws my madness to surface.

Then she speaks!

Crash and bang!

Down comes my guard,my shields and everything else.

I am naked now.

A glimpse of her spirit and mine lights up,

My spirit dancing right out to see for itself. It runs back inside yelling,

That one! That one is mine!

Yes. Yes!

~Koome Manyara~

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