Now look at me,face all beaming and self all shining.

But I need to crawl like a predator through this,I cannot be seen.

They cannot hear me passing through, I cannot bear any of it.

Come on! Stop glowing like a damn firefly, no one needs to know.

I can’t sing,I can’t hum the songs that soothe my fire.

I cannot.

Like a predator I need to pass through, I have no intention of being seen.

I really need to mantain this stride reader, I have to.

I have sneaked and left my companions, I did not carry a single weapon.

I just want to see whether my heart is loving someone.

I do not need judges judging and serving my condemnation.

So now I am walking dear reader,checking every dark stop for the little men.

I am stalking the wind,following it hoping it leads that way.

I hoped I’d go farther away and get a look before I was discovered, but no.

All this time, they were looking and seeing.

Look at you,ha! Crawling beneath the shadows, stalking the wind, hoping you’ll have a glimpse.

I have no intention of conversing with you, judges.

Of course you have none. But tell us this,what makes you human?

Whatever she is doing to me is making the parts I’ve hidden away become human!

Can you stop it?

Can I stop it?

Hell no!

That’s why I’m here,is it that what they call Love?

You know better son. So tell us, what is her name?

Look at you thinking me naive.

Her name is my business.

But hear this,she knows how to sew the knots to my sails.

She sure does know how to breathe more fire into my flames.

So she twists you,does she make you stronger?

What about you join me here and let me show you how strong I am,let me punch your teeth in!

Easy now warrior. Easy! Tell us why then. Why are you crawling and stalking?

Just look at me,it lights me up. Everything I am feeling is surfacing and the heavens know I can’t hide it anymore.

You know what, this lady brushes my darkness like a skilled shoe shiner!

You should see my shining face and glowing soul,

I cannot hide it and the heavens know it.

See, this lady has my world shaking and displacing everything I’ve ever lied on.

Just look,the thought of her has me bouncing every pebble in the shores and bays.

But you are afraid, right?

What do you mean?

Of course I am afraid, terrified and shaking like a wee feeble leaf.

What if my fire consumes her and leaves me with ashes of her, what if she is no phoenix?

But still you adore and swim in the feeling.

You judging bastard!

Now everybody can see my glittering eyes, now everybody can see me smiling like the clear sun.

So now what will you do?

Come on,what does a Warrior do?

Weapons or none, to march right in the heart of battle is what I know.

Hear this Sir,

I don’t care if I glow,shine or shake and displace the very earth off my feet.


By her magic I forget that I am a Forgotten King.

~Koome Manyara~

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