Wings and Fire!

So now I am sitting.

Just sitting, watching and wishing.

That the the door suddenly becomes a wall,the windows roll into the floor and the music starts playing.

Ah,what a feeling.

To hold so much and still not rip apart,what a feeling!

I listen to the stars,they whisper of how I sting like a bee.

The darkness laughs at how hard I’ve painted myself.

I cannot leave my room, I cannot see the lights outside.

But my fire keeps me right at the middle,

Everybody is afraid of this middle,this fire.

Even the little men.

Even the dog from hell!

My name makes me the warrior I am,the one who is!

I don’t want to leave this room,the world out there steals my magic.

But here,my wings spread to worlds beyond your imagination.

~Koome Manyara~

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