Do not get me wrong reader,I love my blood brothers, they are the best. But have you heard of these ones I’ve chosen time after time,life after life?

Give me one wish and I’d ask for a brother over a lover.

I am a warrior, a brother is a remedy for an overwhelming battle and war.

Remember back when I was a teenager, all ‘mighty’ and a with chaotic fashion,just ask anyone and they will speak!

I would have burned in the guilt and shame of a bumpy youth but hey,

Joseph and Ignatius made it less of a fuss.

Brother, we fall and we rise. We have to forgive ourselves for the lies we’ve lived.

Joseph would say.

Man,no war is too much for a warrior. Every serving is just right. Strength is what we only have!

Ignatius would bark.

And yes I stood firm, we all did.

Brothers indeed and in deed!

When I started my growth, another one came.

As for this,

I know him from time back in time,life after life.

We’ve learned the mysteries and shared lessons.

Meditation is the Key. Find yourself, remember yourself!

Jax would firmly say.

I did and I still do,all the power I’ve earned and all the things I’ve learned, this brother helped along the hard way.

Then I left home, off to a land not far but unknown.

Not seeking a lover but a brother,

I knew new lands have their share of war and trouble.

My soul has a way of finding them, these brothers.

Of knowing and understanding them, a wonder that I don’t find as a bother.

Warriors like me don’t speak, they strive.

And this brother understands this language.

The language of showing up, covering where I have left open, leading by natural and subtle acts.

The art of fun and madness, the art of brotherhood!

And when the greatest challenge in a new land came my way he stood all the way,in power and peace!

When I was locked up, my life and progress held back,my strength fading and my mind threatening to break,a brother.

We as Rasta never give up,we never get weary still. Let them fight,hold on mate,Jah run things! Lively up now,let them come for you,let us watch them stumble! Jah run things!

Mordecai would say with a fist to his chest.

Even those who had me locked wondered at the show.

And without doubt, the challenge broke down.

My mind stood firm and strong and in stronger company, the challenges broke first.

No wonder it never gets tiring,

My acts of making sacrifices and intentions that the Universe provides,

That the elements favour and the stars guide.

No wonder my energy and magic never gets drained when working for your good!

Yes, do not even ask.

I would raise hell and bring the hordes of hell hounds with me,

I would pull fire from above if I could.

Just to know that all is well and show up either way .

I would break my swords and blunt my axe in your battles.

Now tell me, what kind of lover could match this fire?

~Koome Manyara~

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