Stop it!

Hey there reader, you must know this by now. The grain of madness opened a granary full of more grains…

Anyways, I am here.

I said no more running and no more warring.

I said I am done with the hogs and their games,

I said no more feeding off me!

I think I made it clear when I fought for what was truly mine.

But they won’t listen, they keep on playing tricks that I don’t want to be part of.

And yes, your help only makes it worse.

Remember about the forgotten Kings,

Men who are sent out in the open, in a quest to reclaim what belonged to them?

Well, this King isn’t fighting in the open, they want me in the open.

Where the masses can laugh at my fairing.

But guess what,

Come on and guess it!

You got it all wrong,

I am not that kind of King!

If you knew what kind of King I am and the games I have played and won,

Back to back victories!

If you knew what lies asleep yet still awake beneath this skin,

If you even had a glimpse of the sparks from my fire you’d stop it all.


Just stop it.

~Koome Manyara~

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