Just Like That!

Hey there reader. Take away all logic from your mind, do whatever it takes. Imagine this, see my words form and images play. Relax, read and see…

My three friends;My mind, my Body and the voice in my head, have been away for a couple of weeks.

I am all alone, not scared, just silent and alone.

Come on, I have to gather my power and hide quick!

Think what you want,

I know I am not hiding because I am afraid.

It has never been this quiet,

I have never felt this naked and exposed.

I am holding every string of power I can master.

I am tense and stout!

I can only hear my heart pound.

I cannot go in there!

The pounding feels harder!

I guess I have no say in this matter.

You should rush over and see the way I am holding my blades,

You should see my sfiff knuckles and wrists so steady.

I slide through the ugly patches I see on the walls…

The pounding gets louder!

*Sigh* I am here because I don’t know how it came to be!

I am wondering and prying, what I see I cannot tell, pardon me.

Then I see a child, pounding hard,too strong for a child.

Who gave a child suck reckless power,is it me?

I string away the blades but the knuckles remain stiff.

Believe me,

This Child is hammering and pounding, hard and crazy!

Hey, hey ease up child. Ease up, why are you pounding my floors this bad. And hey, who are you!


I have the courage of a million warriors!

I am aware I can’t touch anything anyhow.

The pounding stops and the Child turns and looks me in the eye.

“Heal me! You need me.”

I told you, the running is over.

It is all over, just like that.

Easy now warrior, you have this.

~Koome Manyara~

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