Back Home.

You should cheer me on my way home. Come on, I found what forced me away! I am back to my palace. My home.

I am finally on the road home friendly reader.

Yes I am,

The fragrance of the roses and the buzz of the bees.

This time I am not running or dragging my injured frame.


Walking in a style that has the heavens jelous.

The sky rumbles to confirm the admiration.

I am at the gates and the guards cannot believe it.

“Sir! Welcome home.”

This time I walk in and not like a prodigal son,

Call it a King come home.

I have been away,

From my home I have.

Look at how angry my creations are,

Hear how loud they create some harmony.

“Master you left. How we waited Master. Glad you are back!”

And I am glad I left,

I have learned it all.

Look at how happy the Little Child is.

Look at how my warriors are amazed.

“This search for your true self makes you brave Sire! We admire you with honour!”

I am glad I am searching.

I have learned so much.

It makes me more warrior like!

Now I am staring straight at the eyes of my dearest Friend.

“You understand why you had to leave, right?”

Hell yes I do! Wait till you hear what I have to tell you.

Let us walk inside…

~Koome Manyara~

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