Debrief °1

“Tell me everything now Sir. Tell me everything Sir!”


Hush now,hush!

I do not understand how I made it through the 3 weeks away.

So far away and without my weapons.



Because I went in peace.


I was tired of running and fighting wars with myself.

I rolled through like the Horse of Troy!

I am always confident, you would be too.

If you knew who and why you are,you would.

Sir. Come now and tell me already.

Easy now friend.

You are in such a hurry!


I used up so much of my energy to get there.

The way to this little heart was way too hard.


I was naked without my weapons and my silver amour.

But you know me,naked or not you know what I am.

Did you find anything Sir? Tell me everything now Sir.

Hush now Rafiki.

Calm and easy now.

~Koome Manyara~

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