Debrief °2

Friend, listen and do it good. No matter what you understand , believe I never flinched. Never! Not a blink,not a wince…

The little child I found within the walls of my mess,

It just looked at me dead straight.

I went in just a little closer to offer my company.

The child jerked behind still watching me,

Why are you so afraid of me? I know you are.

What do you mean?

You see the good in everyone and everything!

Of course I was.

But I am here to ask the questions,

Don’t you ever get tired of trying?

I should be angry at you for the thieves you played with!

I am angry child, I am.

Is it you that is weak or it is I?

I am a child, your heart and your forsaken mess. You are not empty but still you forsake this place. I am hungry. I am.

Child,see these marks all over me?

All from the wars you sent me into!

You want to be loved?

Love me!

Come on child,no more warring.

Be my friend.

I am not sorry for anything. You are the best Warrior! Go back home,go and be King.

Listen here Child,

The games are over!

I will be back with everything I have.

I will clean up this mess.

Then like it or not,

We shall become friends.

See you later,

Remember who has the Power.

Remember who is Master.

~Koome Manyara~

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