Card Games°1

As always dear reader, buckle up and see my words take life in your mind. For it is my truth,these words.

I am taking it easy watching the sunset.

The little forest next to my place is alive and still at rest.

I am drawn inside and before my eye is a large group of people.

Everyone is shouting and showing off.

Laying their cards for all to see and desire.

To covet and even kill for!

Goodness me,

I love this game.

I have won in so many of them that I no longer play.

This time the players are different and tough.

They are,but I have a card none can stand up to!

“Welcome to the game of cards. Up first is him and him!”

By now we are 4 players. I step up the table and he steps up the other side.

He places his first, clever bastard!


The crowd roars!

The players nod and chuckle.

I play mine.


The crowd roars louder.

They chant ‘Face off! Face off!’

“Face off it is! Punch!”

You know me.

I am quick and a marvel to watch.

He punches, I get hit.

I wipe it off, throw mine.

The guy died! From sight gone.

The crowd roars like mad devils!

I bathe in that glory.

Meet me at the finals,

Where I claim my prowess time and again!

~Koome Manyara~

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