Card Games°2

Come on reader,tire not. The game just gets better. No man is an island 😉


The guy with whom I should play against is a berserk of a man.

He plays his first card.



The crowd bursts to heckles and sneers.

He smiles and proceeds with the game.

He tells me he is King of everything.

I know I am not of everything but I am of Something .

He says with a twist and snap he’d have me humiliated and soiled.

I step up to the table.

I have all that I need. I play my card.


The crowd goes silent.

That’s right!

I have an army!

It guides and sees me through where I fail in mastery.

My father, a mountain of a Man! In all ways yes, a Mountain of a Man!

My mother, ah…A soft silky cushion for a heart. Yes, strong and warm!

My elder Sister,a fierce one that one. Love makes her fierce that one!

My eldest brother,another Mountain of a Man. Yes,in the veins it runs.

My elder brother,another Mountain of a Man. A big mountain too!

My cousin-sister,a warm little bag of comfort. Not rough,just smooth.

And to close it all,

Twin siblings. Brother and Sister, something words can’t describe.

Now you see, you can’t beat me.

In any game,name the stage.

An army it is.

The card that nothing stands up to!

Give me my crown,

Come on now don’t be shy.

I walk out the forest through the sunset.

I am back home with another fame to my blazing name!

~Koome Manyara~

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