Greetings reader. Understand Forests and Rivers draw me in. Let these words take life in your minds.

I am with a friend,watching the river go by.

Bound by honesty,deep in the forest we are.

He turns and asks me,

Are you okay? Where have you been?

I like this one. Big brown eyes. Maybe with a matching bear heart.

“Come on. You know me.”

That is not an answer Rafiki. We are bound by Honesty!

Okay. Easy.

“I have been away Rafiki. I have.

But I do not stink of war, do I?”

I am planning one though. Don’t tell.

Sometime soon I plan a raid.

Sssh. Shush!

You are planning one! Please. Not again,Please?

Argh! Bound by honesty.

“Come on. This one is different.

I promise no loosing myself in the victory or loss.

Whichever comes first I accept.”

Can’t you just wait for your turn Rafiki?

What makes you go back to strife?

Hopeful one,I like him.

But what comes to a Man that waits?


“The crowds.

The cheers and the roars.

These make me go back Rafiki.”

~Koome Manyara~

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