Now the forest comes alive and bends to listen to me boast! The river crashes against the rocks. It claps for me to rush on!

My turn Rafiki, the floor is mine.

Have you ever heard the creatures of the night gather to cheer?

To rage against the beauty of your fights,

Have you?

The roar of the crowds!

The trembling of the ground!

The shame the gods feel!


The stampede of racing feet.

It is all amzing,profound.

I have heard and danced.

The sounds echo and crush against the insides of your skull,


It matters if you are delicate,

Am I?

And when you can’t rise off your knees,

The ringing reminds you off all that is;was even worse.

Then you rise!

Not like a Phoenix from the ashes.

Like the sea on its darkest days.

When the creatures of the night cheer praise,


You can stand and puff your chest out.

You can defend,you can fight.

The cheers alone lift the hills and shallow the valleys!

But the cheering doesn’t mend.

It tears everything apart from the strength.

It eats up fear and leaves you illuded as fragile.

You take risks ordinary men throw up at.

But you can’t understand me,can you?

The scars you see are my pride.

The source off all that is,lean in and hear this.

I cannot leave. Come hail come brimstone!

~Koome Manyara~

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