I am.

I can tell you everything you want to hear. But I can’t. Who are you?

I was just walking.

Not bothered by the singing birds.

Bothered by the wind inside me.


Everything seems okay.

If I can only ingnore.

The stars denied me friends,

The stars denied me easy access!

They say they need me as hard as possible.

Am I?

Of course I am a hard one.

From head to toe.

Minus the little heart.

Leave that!

But I am hard.

I want to speak but my words you cannot hear.

I want you to feel but your skin will tear!

I am fire.

You are paper.

Everyone is.

Paper burn, paper ash.

People are looking at me.

Like a clown from the circus.

They are amazed at the size of it all.

The size of who I am.

They wonder how.

They wonder at the age of my magic and power.

Old enough.

I am happy.

Not because of you or them.

Because of I can see it all.

Your lies.

Friendly lies.

I can see your face clear as its definition.

You cannot lie.

They look at me confused.

A man all alone.

Yet with an army the size of it all.

I am.

I really am.

~Koome Manyara~

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