I Know.

Hello reader. I am sorry for the dirty silence. But, what do you know about beings like me?

Just like the fishes don’t know the waters.

Like the birds don’t know their songs.

Like the plants don’t know the sun.

But it is different, I must know forgiveness.

You should see the lines on my neck,

You should see the bones I’ve tried to open break.


I tell you, please know.

I have sat with my devil and its angels.


Sang and danced with the minions that hold the ribs to the cage.

Is it my fault I lost faith in love, self and other selves?

Back to back I have guarded hoards that ate me away.

At least I know the face.

At least I know what to do and say.

Grab some popcorn the show is about to pop and burn.

Hiding sweetly from my wolves.

Binding away from my secret  fire.

But at least I know.

The dogs can’t touch me and I am head of the wolves.

My mind made of steel and my heart,

Forget about that.

I know the hoards are mine and the little minions too.

About the ribs and the cage just give me space.

About my devil and its angels just watch me balance.

And if you scare I might create a deeper nuance,

You know me less.

I have torn down doors of time with promises made of ties.

I am something you have never seen.

Stars filled in a human body.

Roses placed around my sweet soul.

Thorns from the roses all over my stone organ.

I can tell you stories of mine,

Tell you how I’ve bent time to unbend my burdens.

I can tell you why and when I can come.

I can tell you how hard forgiveness is.

My blades are sharp and my shield stiff.

I am ready for a war that I cannot fight.

Let the butterflies hide in peace!

Let the sails fill with air. Let the ship sail far away.

~Koome Manyara~

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