Nothing Like You.

One step at a time. If you make me run,then hell shall loosen up and break.

I am nothing different from you.

But I am not you.

Never the same.

I have seen not whatever your eyes have.

But mine are laden with the skeletons of my fragility.

You can laugh.

You can hope I don’t come back.

I have not felt the pumping of your heart.

I only know mine.

It pumps like a stallion.

It breaks my chest and floods my lungs.

Godamnit it runs me mad.

I wanted just a simple touch.

Not the scratching you gave me.

You little devils created with the image of man in mind.

But I am precious.

I am,right?

I do not need your stubborn nods.

I am!

Look at my face close enough and you will see the lines.

Every life I have lived.

In the shallowness of my eyes you will see the depths of my Magic.

I have not felt you.

Or you.

Or even you.

And for this I will not pay.

I am not you.

I lost patience with the blue eyed master and his father.

I lost favour in their eyes.

But I lead an army.

I am not like you.

I am not afraid of the names that call me home.

I am not afraid of Love.

Even if it pumps madness and stiffness and anything else with less and less.

Look at me close enough.

You will see what I am.

Nothing like you!

~Koome Manyara~

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