Blue Birds and Love.

A blue bird in a firm cage.

I hope every reader is fine and okay. This little journey can swallow the not fine and not okay. Close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths. Now take my hand and see my words take form. Follow me.

I am walking home.

Disgusted by the ugliness reflected in the mirror.

I wonder what happened to the sweet fragrant thorn petal.

I am disgusted by the singing birds and the buzzing bees.

Everything is buzzing with beauty but one ugly bird.

A blue angry bird.

Shoot it down hunter.

It is spoiling the little forest.

I cannot control it. I cannot make it leave.

But I am in love.

I love the things I cannot control.

Because why not?

Why can’t I control this and that?

I told you.

I am in love. Mad and blind.

Look at me.

Take a nice look at me dancing in the false sun.

Do you feel the rays?

Cold as the knobs on Hell’s doors.

But the blue bird can Sing.

Listen to me go on and on.

Time over time about how hard I’ve shaken my apple tree.

For fruits that I do not want but I have.

I need more. Give me more.

I deserve what more has to offer.

But as I said,I lost favour.

In the Son and his Father’s eyes.

But I found power and peace even without their eyes over me.

Now I can see through me.

Through me all the way to my core.

That’s why I can see my blue little bird.

Which I wish a hunter shoots down.

Shoot it down hunter!

It is why I can call an army when I can’t fight.

Not when I am afraid. Like I am.

Why are these feet cold and the boots so warm.

Feel it,it is true.

Stop looking around for a way out.

My edges are carved into my heart.

A rock stone organ that no one knows.

A rock stone organ protected by a diamond mind.

A Steel mind.

Once upon a time there lived a blue little bird.

Who sang and sang till his master carved a stone cage for it.

You can listen to this song over and over.

Find pity if you are a soft little ball.

The bird is comfortable.

The master is the proudest of them all.

And my veins are made of art.

And my name calls me home.

If any hunter shoots my precious blue little bird.

Let the forest eat him or her up.

~Koome Manyara.~

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