Alright Lady.

When was the last time I gave you a story. Buckle up reader.

During the weekend I met up with a good friend of mine. We have been friends for so long,in this life and previous ones I am sure.

He wanted us to go have some good time, and I went. I got there buzzing with energy and power.

Wassup wassup Rafiki.

We don’t shake hands, we are past that. He had his girlfriend around, so I say Hi. We talk and talk, making jokes and merry. And his lady turns to me and asks,

“Can I introduce you to my friend someday?”

I look at my friend and he says to me voiceless,

“Go on.”

I look at the lady and smile.

Why do you say so.

“Come on Koome. I’ve been around you for some time now. I think I’m figuring you out.”

I look at my friend and he says again voiceless,

“Go on.”

I do not think that would be a good idea for your friend. I bet she is pretty and nice. But it won’t be good for her. And also not so good for you if you keep thinking you have me figured out.

She laughs. She thinks I am bluffing or hiding.

“Why do you say so. You are a good one.”

Is she made of fire?

Now she stops smiling. None of us is. My friend is listening. He won’t say a word.

“You are funny Koome. Fire you say?”

Alright lady.

Then I decided I’d show her. My friend sat upright,


She thinks I am afraid Rafiki, afraid of knowing people.

Alright lady, lean in and look straight in my eyes. Then you will know why she has to be made of fire.

I leaned over the table.

Lean in now lady.

She didn’t make it over the table. My friend always knows how to stop the fun. He looked at me and smiled,

“You bastard! Always showing off.”

I smiled at the lady and told her to ease up. I am always serious about what I am. She smiled and said,

“I should still introduce you.”

I turned to my friend and shrugged, he should have let her see the flames behind my eyes. Then he said to her,

“Sugar, men like him burn so hot for flowers to grow. And until he lets you, it is impossible to know. Hush now and ease it off. The man isn’t alone. He is happy and merry as you can see.”

I smile and nod.

I am never alone lady.

We made merry of the night, crashing against the fading moon and celebrating the rising sun.

~Koome Manyara~

One thought on “Alright Lady.

  1. What happens when fire meets fire? Pooff!!! Fire extinguished😂😂😂. A brave lady, your friend’s girl friend 😍


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