Young Blood.

Hello. About my silence, I apologize.

Remember when I told you of the journey, descending to some ground?


When I touched ground and the creatures and men and hogs ran my way,

I stood and watched them come.

And when they did none could raise a finger over my skin.

I told you!

But they reeked.

These foul creations that somehow represented me stank and it made me sick.

Paper cannot control fire.

Paper cannot touch flames.

Paper burn, paper ash!

Sick as I was, I brag as a warrior!

The ground thinks it can swallow me.

Make me a victim of hell.

It tries and it spits me back up.

Pepper burns tongue!

The ground thinks it can control the lines I create and mould me into a fragile glass.

Glass touch ground, glass shatter!

They cannot touch the lining on my armour because paper burn, paper ash!

Because pepper burn tongue!

Because I am no glass to shatter!

I rolled in the dirt as I waited on my wings to grow back.

I rolled as they watched all greedy and wanting.

My silver they wanted and my glory too.

But I have a name you know,

I answer to that only.

The name I have carried with me ever since existence.

My true name.

With this the ground is afraid of me.

The men, the hogs and the creatures fear those that know their names.

Do you know yours or are you afraid of the ground?

~Koome Manyara~

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