Just hold on,

I have finally answered my greatest query.

Of what I really want.

I want the fullest of what I am supposed to be,

Not what those other guys over there want of me.

You know, the ones with the scary endings,

Always trying to control with their silly phantasmagoria.

I just want what this land has for me,

I want to gather what those before me tried gathering, I want to heal.

But those guys won’t teach me how to heal them,

Those chains of wrong doings in my lineage.

The mistakes of all those mothers and mothers of mine,

And the graveness of all those fathers and fathers of mine.

They told me to try it is a bad ending.

Searching to heal myself in the truth of all those before me,

They said that is to deny their hero. Yes, a bad ending.

They said I will perish in their phantasmagoria.

~Koome Manyara~

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