Fear or Fire. Wolves!

Do you remember when I told you to never tell a warrior his fate?

To never tell him that it is written in the stars or that it is carved in the caves on the hills.

Just the other day as I was preparing to ambush those in command,

I was ambushed.

“Why are you sharpening your blades?”

As if you do not know. I wanted to come claim whatever it is you have of mine.

“With sharp blades?”

And a shining silver armor. Tell them I’ll be there before dawn.

“To take what exactly?”

The fullness of who I can be. Selfish you, always giving me in rations.

“What is in your heart young warrior?”

Good question, what is in it? Fear or Fire?

“What are you afraid of? What purpose does the fire serve?”

Afraid to be forgotten, what else? What does fire serve, ha!

“Is it why you fight so much and so hard? To not be a forgotten young warrior?”

Is it why?

~Koome Manyara~

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