Is it done?

What are friends for, if they don’t play the itch that makes you speak?

So now we are sitting watching a bird build a nest.
She turns and asks me,

“Koome, am I paper?”

We are watching the sun set, are you paper?

“Oh. I am happy to be a friend.”

I know you are. I am too, lady.

“See that bird, seeking shelter. Why don’t you seek shelter?”

Come on now, let the sun set.

“Even it seeks shelter from you and me and all that can see.”

It only follows the law. It is time for the dark, the moon and the stars.

“Do you have law?”

Come on now, let it set.

“Look at that bird. It trusts the tree, the twigs and what it builds. Do you?”

Of course. Look at me good, isn’t it written all over?

“Look at that bird.”

~Koome Manyara~

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