Patriotic Puppets.

In my country, which I love so very much, it is election period. Now please, breathe and relax. You are in no position to be an Old King.

I have been wondering. Who holds the power? And why? From who?

It never ends.

Like this,

Which warms the sea?

The fishes and all that moves and thrives in it or the sun.

I myself do not know. So tell me this,
Patriot, puppet or both?

If I were a fish, small as I could be,
I would twist my body and bang my fins against the waters.

I would make it understand I am here.

Some give their power because they have no other choice,
Others because the documents say so,

It doesn’t matter if those that want it are unworthy.
Others because they are just as they were.

I am no Old King either,

Let me keep twisting my body against the waters and flip my fins

The waters around me will be warm. Leave the sea alone.

For my land yes! Blood, sweat and bone!

For those greedy, never-filling bellies, never!

~Koome Manyara~

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