Old School Devil.

Before it begins, are you ready to hold your breath?

Yesterday night think I met the old school devil, I know I did.

A pretty face with pretty eyes and a subtle smile, nothing much.

A white cloak with shining boots and a half angel half crap style, nothing much.

I am not lying, we stood eye to eye and it spoke first.

“Are you hungry? You are what I think you are, are you?”

One question at a time!

Yes. I am hungry, but I have no one to feed me till my belly button shows.

“Is it too much?”

Now listen to yourself chittering about what you think.

Devil or not I care less, shut whatever you think of me!

“Are you are angry? Do you need a cup of water?”

Do I?

I want the whole ocean of course! I want what the fishes feel!


“So you are angry. At me or…”

You think me naïve sire, lady or whatever you might be. You do!

“Are you?”

Tell you this pretty face and pretty eyes, devil or not, tell you this.

I am not naïve.

Hungry, yes. Naïve, never!

So please, tell me your name and leave me.

I am telling you, the air broke into and pieces and no one stood where I stood.

I am telling you, the truth behind me, behind every love, hate and passion; they are watching us.

Sssh. Do not listen to the damned side of the blowing winds.

~Koome Manyara~

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