Old Rotten Luck.

Hello there reader. I am sorry for the little inconsistencies. Just held up in the waking world.

I am sitting somewhere wondering if it ever gets better.

You see, my luck with good women. The worst. Just the other day, busy I was flattering a cute monster.

I knew I had to run faster than any wind when she said she liked the little lines my face made when I lie.

See, I was in danger!

But I was comfortable. Trouble not only brews trouble. Trouble finds, births and breeds trouble.

I should have ran faster. I could have, save these cold feet.

But my luck. Old, cold and definitely rotten. Funny eh?

Tell you this, friend to friend.

A secret reader, I know how to rid Old cold and definitely rotten luck.

See, too bad I am comfortable.

~Koome Manyara~

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