Goddess. Warrior!

I knew I wasn’t asleep.

We stood eye to eye and she wanted me to stop with the lies.

I tell her I am not what I seem.

She says one lie.

Of course, I cannot tell that I am exactly what I am.

What if her name is Delilah, the treacherous one?

Hell no!

She tells me to lie down a bit, calm the warmth on my skin.

I could not deny a goddess the taste of dining with a warrior like so.

I lay down and calm my burning skin, a drop of water or two.

How I ended up here, eye to eye with this one here.

Behind a temple created on false illusions, right here.

With the truth about my desire to escape sweet solitude.

Right here eye to eye with this one here, a goddess right here.

I need you to understand me, what I am saying is this.

I wasn’t asleep.

~Koome Manyara~

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