Another Paper Burn, Paper Ash.

Damned be the things that crash the softness of my insides.

I am standing next to my coworker who turns and asks why I don’t speak tales of a lady who tames me.

I turn and look him straight in the eye, he is honest.

I am untamable, or not yet tamed.

He asks why.

I am worthy of goddesses not queens, I have no riches save magic.

He sneers and calls me just another lonesome Author.

Now I look at him with the force of those beneath my feet, he still is honest.

He sits and goes on to say I should sprinkle my dust or else I will be what I am always afraid of, forgotten.

I am nothing but a shell full of Stardust Rafiki, solitude is a condition for this.

What is it with people trying to find themselves in others?

I almost told him the little lines and words that join my limbs to body and muscle to bone.

I just look at him, reading the silliness of his honesty.

He goes again and says that I deserve it all, the bliss people offer.

He says I seem and feel like he who has a drunk soul.

I have no more words for him, but he keeps adding on.

He says I need to get tamed, that I am nothing if I keep my dust.

Paper burn, Paper ash Rafiki! There are things you cannot understand Rafiki.

~Koome Manyara ~

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