Tentacles of Love.

We speak louder!

I am right there, in the eye of this sea.

Mile after mile of blue after hue!

Tentacles of love I’m swimming from, you see.


Of course not for you,

For me.

I am right there, in the grasp of this sea.

In the grasp of a sea monster.


In the warm embrace of a creature.

I am right there.

Send a rescue ship,

With lots of canons and oil.

Bomb or suffocate the tentacles.

If I was a bird, I would never stop flying.

If I was a scorpion, I’d sting every ankle I’d see.

If I was crazier, I would fail to admit it.

We speak louder,

Can we tap out young?

Can we say the sea is crazier than us?

I will remain to be,

~Koome Manyara~

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