Another One.

“About you!”

I watched her pretty lips move swiftly

She wants me to speak about me

“Everything! From the old to the New.”

Don’t tell her, but I’d rather chew my own tongue

Look at her mate.

Look at her shiny skin and tiny waist.

No one tells Angels about the monsters

No one! Not me. Not in any ever!

“Why are you always so afraid and locked up?”

Hear her now!

Who is afraid? And of what.

Does this lady know who I am mate?

I have seen and became

I have fought, won and lost.

Some in the sky fear me too!

“Tell me your name then.”

Suddenly I am shivering

Suddenly I am nothing

“Why are you afraid and locked up?”

Why am I afraid and locked up.

Why? Lady, why?

Because my name is all that can control me

My name is all that ever remains,

Even after the bloodiest war.

“Sir. Tell me your name.”

Look lady. Your beauty beats me,

Look lady. You don’t know me.

Just like that mate,I vanished!

~Koome Manyara ~

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