Blame the Moon.

Somehow I became convinced that this time round, the sun could never shine any time soon

And in my mind and heart it was already conceived that the fun could never be any real

Somehow I already knew that none of the flowers outside my room would ever bloom

But somehow still, I had to have it all under control, the darkness and the cold of steel

I knew what kept my body warm and insides away from the cold was the shine of the moon

It may not seem so but trust that I can see all that is dead yet laced with a touch so surreal

See,it didn’t matter and neither does it,when it comes to pain whether I sing or squeal

For as long as I am able to feel without limits and fill,my dead leaves I can never prune

For my every act amplified without proper groom I am sorry,I blame it on the moon

She shone so hard that the light cost my sight,I could only waddle through the voices and croon

Her warmth melted the steps that I thought would remain uncouth with stink and reek so unreal

Still I’ll blame it on the moon,her stillness confused my thought and bore through my skull

If i ever loose track and fall into the space filled with all that is dark,spew all that I never did spill

With all that is,I am proud to claim I am all that could ever be!

Koome Manyara.

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