Ravens. Huginn and Muninn.

Whatever you read. Take it slow and easy, otherwise you won’t hear nor see me.

I think sometimes the clouds shield me from the unforgiving eye and temper

Huginn. Thought

I think whatever slips under my warm covers might be the devil itself.

Huginn. Thought

I think and think. This mind never shuts down. Strong, eh?

Huginn. Thought!!!

Okay. Let me get it together.

I think it is all a circus. Why not?


I think every warrior, every poet knows Huginn.

Muninn. Memory

The memories that shatter whatever I am should not fly back.

Die Muninn, die!

The memories that remind me of lost battles should not fly back.

Die Muninn, die!

Memories of Love are only in my blood, those fly back.

Live Muninn, live!

Memories of me dancing to the strings of every undeserving warden should wither.

I do not hate Muninn.

Even I sometimes worry. I want them all home.

Huginn and Muninn

Thought and Memory keeps my feet warm, keeps my blades sharp and has my magic ready on the go.

Huginn and Muninn!

~Koome Manyara~

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