Ugly Heroes.

How many are the things I have hidden.

Yes, yes .

From the eyes of the reader, from the soil and the roots that hold the earth as it is.

No, definitely not from the singing and echoing that crashes the spaces I have created, in this super skull of mine.

In this steel mind of mine.

I was wondering if the incorruptible nature of fire serves the desires or the will.

I am wondering if the truth behind love is similar to the ugly face of a revered hero.

Nothing is.

Then I am wondering if there is really a hero for me somewhere beyond the blue sky, hmm.

I am wondering if the love I have shared is true or ugly. This super skull, this steel mind.

I keep on wondering till this wonder births a thief.

Stealing from my almost empty granary; pieces of heart and grains of soul dust.

Gnawing at the cobs of my sanity; up, up and away!

Wondering till this wonder matures into a full grown devil, hungry for nothing but the endless query.

Am I special?

Am I?

Now I will stop worrying.

Yes I will, no more warring.

Petition for my sake, plea that the sky kisses the Earth’s soil.

Plea that the moon shed its waters for my dry earth to wet, just a little bit.

I am done, gone and away.

Do not seek me!

~Koome Manyara~

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